Affordable Price and Lower Operating Costs

GrowthPoint’s structures are a revolutionary and economical alternative to the existing building options. By utilizing advanced technology, the most efficient materials, and our proprietary design, we can pass immediate and long-term savings directly to you.

Efficient and High Performing

Our structures reduce maintenance and operating costs through efficient design and high performing components. By having a ductless airflow system, we can utilize high performing HVAC equipment that results in less energy consumption, lower energy bills, and eliminates excessive maintenance costs by not having to maintain a ducting network.

GrowthPoint’s buildings also have considerably high insulation R-values which require less energy for heating and cooling, and cool roof technology that reduces external heat absorption, resulting in significant and continuous energy savings.

Quick Facts

  • GrowthPoint Structures are made from the same steal that is used to build bridges and tanks (corten steel)
  • For every one classroom that is installed GrowthPoint diverts 22-tons of landfill waist by using a product that is 99% made from recycled material
  • Corten steal corrodes 1mm every 100-years in its raw state! Paint it and it will never corrode!