New Standards in Construction

GrowthPoint set a new standard in construction in terms of flexibility and conservation. Proprietary design methods incorporates a level of material and resource conservation that is CHPS and LEED Platinum attainable – unprecedented for the industry.

Safe, Durable and Built to Last

  • Withstands 112-tons of compressive force and 17-tons of lateral force
  • 106-ties stronger than building codes require
  • Resists weathering over 100 years
  • Interior wood walls systems resist damage and hold up to 250 lbs. at any point
  • Continuous door hinges eliminate failing standard hinges eliminating the need for repair and replacement
  • Inherent options to resist vandalism and increase security

Collaborative Approach

  • 5-year R&D process with student, teacher, facilities, and M&O
  • Strong relationship with California DSA and other regulatory agencies
  • Set up to work with local Architects and General Contractors
  • Creating green manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles

Quick Facts

  • GrowthPoint Structures are made from the same steal that is used to build bridges and tanks (corten steel)
  • For every one classroom that is installed GrowthPoint diverts 22-tons of landfill waist by using a product that is 99% made from recycled material
  • Corten steal corrodes 1mm every 100-years in its raw state! Paint it and it will never corrode!